Soil Reports and Liquid Pressure Fertilize Use of a soil test and report for implementation of appropriate fertilization is/can be very import.  Without such a test fertilization is reduced to guess work and can in some cases counter-productive. The fertilization program for most VitaCare tree fertilization is divided spring and fall in order to apply appropriate levels of phosphorus and potassium at the time when they are most needed by plants. Because of the potential for over application of these elements, we rely on an up-dated soil report approximately every two years. Recent soil analysis is also one effective diagnostic tool for solving symptomatic plant problems.

Dursban or Lindane These treatments can be effectively applied to trunks and stems of woody plants to retard the presence and activity of a variety of plant-damaging insects. Among these are boring insects, carpenter ants, termites.  It is important to protect landscape oaks, dogwoods, maples, redbuds, etc. with regular applications approximately three times a year (growing season).

Elm Protection Contrary to still  widespread belief, American elms are not doomed to die. Effective preventative treatments have been available for years.  However prevention is the operative word since to a wait the appearance of disease symptoms before starting the injection program can be irreversibly damaging or fatal for your tree.  Native elms should be injected soon after spring foliation.

Horticultural Oil Application A low-toxicity smothering agent.  Two applications properly applied during the Nov-Dec period and again in Feb-Mar period are very effective in dramatically reducing the over wintering pre-adult populations and egg masses that emerge to pose plant vitality problems the following spring and early summer.
Imicide and Abamectin are two exciting representatives of a new generation of effective plant insect control injection products that feature all-weather application, environmental responsibility, safety, and long residual presence in the plant. Generally, Imicide is most effective for many sucking insects such as scales, aphids, lacebugs, leafminers, and whitefly. It has a season-long residual in the plant. Abamectin can be applied for many chewing insects with an approximate three-to-four month residual in the plant.

Mycorrhizae/Bio-Stimulant Soil Injections Soil root zone inoculum and treatment for damaged, compacted, and deficient root-soil environments.  New breakthroughs now enable replacement of living mycorrhizal organisms.  Mycorrhizal fungi exist and work symbiotically with plant root systems in undisturbed soil environments worldwide.  Now they can be re-introduced into damaged, deficient, and compacted soils to help revitalize failing or damaged root systems.

Vertical Mulching/Soil Aeration Facilitates soil aeration and water dispersal in clay soils that are prone to water saturation, anoxia, and compaction.  Test plots have shown that subject oaks will produce solid mats of fibrous white root filaments adjacent to properly mulched columns or trenches within two growing seasons. Tree root zones in clay soils with les than 3% organic content can usually benefit from vertical mulching procedures.

pH Modification When soil pH is below 5.7 or above 6.5, most trees cannot function at optimum.  Extreme pH variations from this ideal range can bond necessary soil mineral nutrients (catalysts) into ionic forms that are insoluble and therefore unavailable for plant use.  Measured lime applications, based on soil report data, can help elevate low pH conditions.  Applications of sulfates can work in the opposite direction.

Monitoring VitaCare is a site-specific plant health care program designed to maximize the appearance, vitality, and values resident in your landscape investment.  Regular monitoring in an important aspect in concert with your assistance in notifying our office when you notice possible irregularities or problems.

Vita Care is an automatic annual plan and schedule for your tree and shrub care.   It eliminates the need for you to 1) spot problems with your landscape or individual plants, 2)  figure out what is wrong,  3) remember to call us and try to describe an indefinite possible problem.  It also eliminates having to know when is the right time to fertilize, with what, how and how much.

When you have an on-going Vita Care program with us, our trained and qualified technicians will be on your property three to five times a year and have opportunity to monitor and catch problems before they become serious or destructive to plant material.

If you decide at any time to change the plan or cancel entirely, all you have to do is call us and let us know.

We have been very pleased with the results we get with Vita Care and hope you will join the ranks of satisfied customers.

The “average plan”  includes  1) two applications of horticultural oil for shrubs and flowering trees; a safe and low impact way to control over-wintering insect populations and egg masses.  Very often this eliminates the need for later spring and early summer spraying.  2)  Fertilization of key trees spring and fall.  All formulas are soluble and pressure injected, the very best way for clay soil trees.  3)  Borer protection for susceptible species such as oaks, maples, and dogwoods on an appropriate cycle for continuous protection.

If you are interested in purchasing a Vita Care annual service contract please call (901) 756-9893 or complete a online service request form.

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