Mycorrhizae and It's Benefits
Watch this short presentation to acquaint yourself with what may be the best thing you can do for the health and appearance of your trees, including significant stress-proofing against drought and less-than-perfect soils.

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            "New Product Introduction: Cambistat"

            "Stopping New Gall in Oak Trees"
            "Micro-Injection For Insect and Disease Control"
            "A New Twist on Fertilization? Why do I want a soil test?"
            "Owner Beware!" (tissue decay, rot)

            "Mycorrhizae: Tiny Allies That Make a Huge Difference"
            "Strange Holes On My Tree Trunk: What Is It?" (woodpecker holes, borers)
            "Update On Suppressing Oak Gall in Your Trees"

            "Transition: The Invisible Performance"(winter, mycorrhizae)
            "Cambistat" (Reprised)
            "Did You Know...." (borers)
            "Reminder About January Oak Gall Treatment"

            "The Invisible Performance: The Rest of the Story" (tree damage, construction, soil compact)
            ". . . And One More Oak Gall Reminder"            
            "How Big . . . ?" (planting trees, tree size)

            "Tree Borers and What To Do About Them"
            "What Do I Need a Soil Test?"
            "Did You Know . . . ." (watering, soil, clay soil)
            "Magic Mulch"

            "Pruning/Trimming Your Trees"
            "Oak Gall and Fungicidal Applications"
            "Did You Know . . . ." (planting time, planting in clay soil)

            "Plant Problem Diagnostic"
            "Tree Planting Time Is About Now. . . And How To"
            "Is Something Wrong With Your Pin Oak?"

            "Few (Near) Perfect Products" (horticultural oils, mycorrhizal spores, soil testing)
            "Phomopsis On Juniper, Arborvitae, and Cypress"
            "Did You Know . . ." (tree trimming)

            "Tree Risk Assessment"
            "When Lightning Strikes Your Tree"
            "Another Reminder About Borer Prevention"IGN=LEFT>

            "Fire Blight: Trouble For Ornamental Pears!"
            "Girdling Roots: Death By Constriction!"
            "Spiders In Your Trees?
            "It's Summertime! Water Your Trees!"
            "Did you Know . ." (plants growing in shade, ISA, Certified Arborist)

            "Hypoxylon Canker and Stressed Oaks"
            "Tree Issues Above and On the Ground" (roots causing concrete damage)
            "Alternative Ways To skin A Cat" (construction projects severing roots)
            "Did you Know . . " American Chestnut - Castanea Dentata, hardiness zones map - zone7 to zone 8)
            "Exercise and Trees In New Subdivisions: A Cautionary Tale"
            "Another Winter Oak Gall Reminder"

            "Recognizing and Combating Pine Bark Beetles"
            "Good Tips When Hiring Tree Trimmers"
            "Did You Know. . . "(root systems of your tree, lightning strikes)

            "Dutch Elm Disease"
            "A Quick Review of the Arboricultural Basics"
            "Did You Know. . . "(root systems of your tree, lightning strikes)

            "Trees, Shade, and Time"
            "Mama Mia! Mycorrhizae!"
            "Time For Another Oak Gall Reminder"
            "Did You Know . . . "(guywires)

            "Strategically Located Trees Can Dull Winter's Chill"
            "Risk Assessment: Catching Trouble Before It Catches You"
            "Interesting Southwestern Discoveries"
            "Did You Know . . . "(perfect flowers, imperfect flowers, angiosperm, gymnosperm)
            "What? Another Gall Reminder?"

            "Our springtime Ritual"
            "The magnificent Elm"
            "Fire Blight"
            "Did You Know. . . "(moving trees)

            "Spider Mites Are a Common Hot Weather Plant Problem"
            "From My Journal: Ephemerata"
            "Bagworms on Juniper, Cedar, Arborvitae and Spruce: A Summertime Issue"
            "Did You Know. . . "(soil testing)
            "It's Summertime! Water Your Trees!"

            "What Kind of Tree?"
            "From My Journal: A Forty Year Celebration"
            "Another Gall Prevention Reminder"

            "VitaCare: A Program That Works "A Stitch In Times Saves Nine""
            "Taking Care Of Our Trees"
            "From My Journal: Spring 2010"

            "Medicine for Stressed Trees: Radial Trenching"
            "From My Journal: Rising the Katy""
            "Did You Know..."(watering, scale)
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